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A history of Mexican wine

This story encloses adventure and romanticism, victories and disappointments, mystery, epic, heroism but above all, it has passion: that of a dreamer that saw in the deserts of north Mexico the opportunity to recreate de vineyards of his natal Jerez.

And then there was the wine in Mexico…
Don Antonio Ariza Cañadilla

This name will always be linked to the history of Mexico, not only for having established one of the country’s most representative enterprises, but also for his contribution to Mexican society and culture.

Philanthropist of the year 2000 and National Altruism Award 2003, among other recognitions, was Executive President of The Mexican Foundation for Liver Diseases and Honorary President of the Second Corporate Congress of Tourism, was a part of The Mexican Fund for the Preservation of Nature and founded the Alta Escuela de Jinetes, through which he promoted the Azteca breed of horses.

Don Antonio
“We are a bit slaves of responsibility. It’s not the freedom to do what I want, but the freedom to do what I should do”
Antonio Ariza Cañadilla

Immerse yourself in the Promised Land: The Valle de Guadalupe

The final destination of this story is the beginning of another that continues to write itself within its landscapes and vineyards.

We invite you to discover the cradle of Mexican wine.