Valle de Guadalupe

It's not until he sets foot in the Valle de Guadalupe, in Baja California that his project of Mexican wine becomes tangible.

Domecq Wineries initiate production of table wine in 1963 with The Third of Kings: red, white and rosé; which will be followed by Calafia red and white and in 1978 the famous CHATEAU DOMECQ.

The great response to these wines makes the construction of the winery indispensable, in a spot called Valle de Calafia, within the Valle de Guadalupe.

Zacatecas, Coahuila, Sonora

His dream is none other than to produce quality wine that is 100% Mexican.

And so begins a relentless search for the best lands Mexico offers, taking him to explore, cities, towns and deserts, getting to know along the way their people and the manner they understand life; which will seal an unbreakable bond with the country.

“There is nothing, no matter how small or large, if it is within my ability and strength, that I would not do for Mexico"

Antonio Ariza Cañadilla

Mexico City

The project suffers a major setback: Mexico closes its borders to imported wines and liquors. Antonio is out of a job.

Far from surrendering, he manages to convince Pedro Domecq to begin producing brandy in Mexico taking advantage of the magnificent quality of the country's grape. So, in 1958, Presidente is born, the first Mexican brandy and one of the most consumed worldwide.

However, not satisfied with this success, in Antonio's mind there is an idea brewing that struggles to become a reality…


Landing in Mexican soil, and along Pedro Domecq González they go through the country with the firm will of establishing the basis of a prosperous business.

But it's Mexico who conquers the heart of Antonio Ariza. It does it through a young lady from Veracruz by the name of Lourdes Aldulcín, whom he marries three years later.

Atlantic Ocean

Entrusting such an ambitious task to a young and tenacious worker by the name of Antonio Ariza, from now on our hero in this adventure.

When he sails from his natal Spain towards Mexico, he hardly suspects he's headed into a land that he'll never wish to ever abandon.

"Man is not only from where he's born, but from where he is made. I owe everything to this noble and beautiful country".

Antonio Ariza Cañadilla

1730 - 1940
Jerez de la Frontera

Just like all grand epics, this history begins in very far away lands, in the heart of one of the most ancient and emblematic wineries of Jerez.

We're in the '40's decade and Casa Pedro Domecq confronts one of the key projects in its more than two centuries of history: taking its wines and brandies further than their known borders.

Jerez de la Frontera