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One winery, 50 years of stories to be lived in an unforgettable tour

Published in 06/4/2023

It was in 1972 that the history of the winery begins with the construction in the heart of Valle de Guadalupe of Domecq Wineries. Pioneer and promoter of Mexican viticulture Domecq Wineries has created a large family that continues to grow.

The largest subterranean cellar of Valle de Guadalupe

Can you imagine the amount of wines that have been created from more than 50 years?

The amount of labels, wines set in barrels, in bottles? A lot, a whole lot.

Domecq wineries are something unique that you can live and see: in this subterranean cellar where some old, very old bottles are still stored they demonstrate that great wines can last throughout time. They demonstrate that wines from Valle de Guadalupe have another history to tell years later.


A sunset in front of the valley

After visiting the secrets of the cellar, understanding the story thanks to the museum. It’s time to enjoy the sight of Valle de Guadalupe that Domecq Wineries has. From the terrace, the sunset is a blend of magic and peace. Obviously accompanied by any of the wines from Domecq. Accompanying the cuisine that intertwines elements of the sea, or simply a board of cheeses, you’ll end the day with a head filled with landscapes, images, stories and evidently great wines reflecting the typicality of Valle de Guadalupe.    


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