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El Valle de Guadalupe in Baja California

Our heart beats very close to Ensenada, on the inside of Baja California, in a winemaking basin of endless landscapes, spectacular vineyards and unforgettable sunsets.

It’s our home. We invite you to get to know it.
Welcome to the cradle of Mexican wine.

Privileged climatic conditions

Located in one of the so called Strips of Wine El Valle de Guadalupe presents a Mediterranean micro climate, very similar to the Valley of Rhône in France, with conditions of temperature, humidity, wind and earth ideal for the cultivation of vine.

Up to 800 m.
Above sea level
10.000 ha
of vine cultivation
2 millones
Cases of wine a year
2 centuries
of winemaking tradition
Did you know that nearly 90% of the national wine production proceeds from the Valle de Guadalupe?

The Route of Wine

El Valle de Guadalupe is also one of the most important gastronomic and touristic destinations in the country, to with an annual attendance of around one million visitors from all over the globe.

And it’s that the Route of Wine has become an indispensable appointment for lovers of fine wine, in which going through the entire complex of wineries, restaurants, museums, resorts and specialty shops conform this mecca of Mexican wine.

Domecq Wineries invites you to uncover the secrets of one of the first wineries of the region in an enological experience that will make your emotions vibrate.

You know where. Now find out how

In the next chapter we will step on this land, we will stain our hands and we will pay the greatest homage to it: turning its fruit into a superior quality wine.