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Chateau Domecq Rosé

Tracing the path
A Rosé in the style of south France (Provence) but with a very Mexican personality achieved through a special fermentation and our enologist’s passion for innovation.




70 % Syrah, 30 % Grenache

Type of wine


Grape provenance

Valle de Guadalupe

Age of vines

35 years


Alcohol content


Serving temperature



The year 2020 was characterized by a sudden increase in temperature during the first week of September, a fact that set the tone of accelerating the harvest in many vineyards. A few days prior to this phenomenon it was decided to harvest both varieties, being very aware that the resulting wine should display vivacity and great freshness. In the case of Grenache the grape arrived at the winery the 26 of August and the 2 of September the Syrah. The soils in which the vineyards are located possess characteristic qualities that supply a clear authenticity to the gathered grape.


3 different fermentations were realized. In the case of Grenache there was a light de-stemming followed by a cold short mashing during which the pump overs were limited to the minimum necessary in this way insuring the primary and secondary aromas. On the other hand the Syrah was separated in two lots, one of them carefully pressed to obtain a very concentrated flower must while the other was de-stemmed by bleeding method used to extract its juice from the tank. For both lots the supplies of oxygen were controlled, understanding the phases of yeast growth. The average temperature of fermentation was maintained around 14°C, prolonging this cycle up to 25 days since the barreling. At the end of the fermentation there were realized only 2 rackings, maintaining in the second the finest lees that will serve this specific “crianza”, its objective being to supply a unique density contribution. What we seek are the various qualities for an elegant profile. The continued tasting during the different phases of process has allowed us to take the pertinent decisions to obtain a great wine. 

Tasting notes

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Chateau Domecq Rosé


Shrimp tacos, octopus “tostadas”, salmon tartar, ceviches, fresh salads that include red fruits, pizza, pastas with tomato sauce, “arrachera” and in season “chiles en nogada”.

“Hours of dedication, sleepless nights and a painstaking work that is well worth it”
Winemaker and Director of Domecq Wineries